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Suzhou Donghu Cable Co., Ltd. (Donghu) is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of wire and cable products in China.

We are a full capability cable supplier with state-of-the-art production lines, advanced testing laboratory, professional technicians and a customer-oriented sales team.
Our products include cables for fixed installation, flexible connecting and controlling cables, cables for harsh utilization conditions, highly flexible cables for drag chains, elevator cables, crane cables, rubber cables, data communication cables, etc.

We also design and manufacture cables for specific requirements and applications of our customers such as:
>> Heat-resistant, oil-resistant, nuclear radiation-resistant, flame-resistant and water-resistant special flexible cables, etc. with a wide application in vehicles, submersible pumps, nuclear station, oil drilling station, solar energy system, wind power plant and digital controlled machinery, etc.
>> Special integrated cable which can transmit in parallel power, digital and video signal, etc.
>> Cable in compliance with standards of VDE, UL, BS, AS, JIS, IEC, etc.

Awarded the ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certificate and the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), Donghu has been committed to meeting customer requirements as a reliable supplier in the past 15 years. We have established long-term partnerships with many companies home and abroad since establishment. Every year, 40% of our products go to UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Australia, etc. We believe with our reliable products and strong commitment, we can be your partner of choice in China!

To make an enquiry, please dial our 24-hr Service line +86-13916970226 or send email to Sales@donghucable.com


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